2-Day paid International Educational Resource Prototyping Workshop: Call for Applicants

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Currently, Glendon is looking to recruit developers to create a content management system and participate in a 2-Day, paid, prototyping workshop on May 2 and 3. 
This workshop virtually brings together students interested in programming from Glendon College, York University and various French universities from Paris, France to collaborate and develop resources for students studying internationally. 
If you are a Lassonde student and are interested in applying your engineering design or software development skills as part of this virtual workshop, please email gnl@yorku.ca to secure a spot. 
Lassonde participants will work on the project in The Berg, room 313 from 8:30am – 4:30pm, connecting via Zoom video chat to the other two campuses involved. 
Bilingualism or working knowledge of French is considered an asset but not mandatory. MOre information can be found here
Hope to see you there! 

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