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Applications now open for the Lassonde Scholarship

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The Lassonde Scholarship

At Lassonde we believe in educating engineers and scientists that have more than just technical skills, but passion, perspective and a creative spark, too.

The Lassonde Scholarship is one of the most generous awards available to undergraduate students who demonstrate the traits: creativity, passion, ingenuity, rational thinking and confidence in their academic pursuits, extracurricular activities and personal interests.

Sound like you? Well, you’re in luck because applications for this prestigious scholarship are now open.

Eligibility Requirements:

Incoming (full-time) students must demonstrate:            

  1. Exceptional high academic achievements
  2. Leadership in high school and community and/or evidence of entrepreneurial talent.

Current (full-time) students must demonstrate

1. Exceptional high academic achievement (OCGPA of 7.0 or higher)
2. Leadership in school life and community life and/or evidence of entrepreneurial talent.
3. Current students must have a full-time course load remaining in the year that the scholarship is offered (must have a minimum of 30 credits remaining)

Financial need will be taken into consideration. These scholarships are renewable for a maximum of four years provided the recipients maintain a minimum 7.0 cumulative grade point average, provide evidence of your engagement in the Lassonde community and continue full-time enrolment in Lassonde.

You are invited to complete the online application. The application consists of a digital interview and a written component. You can prepare the written component in advance as you have ten minutes to submit the answer.

To complete the written component, you must describe all extracurricular activities you have engaged in on campus (high school or University) and/or community; and/or all evidence of entrepreneurial talent (500 words or less). You will be able to upload this document. You will be able to upload this document (PDF or Word).

Deadline to submit your application: 11:00pm, Monday, September 21st. 2020.

Please Note: This scholarship cannot be held in conjunction with another renewable entrance scholarship.

We are looking forward to reviewing all applications.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the scholarship via email ( or join our virtual frontdesk via link: .