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Lassonde is hiring additional Gurus to assist with monitoring and supporting student activities in the Bergeron Centre.
Facility Assistant
Job Purpose:
Lassonde School of Engineering is currently looking for students who are able to assist the Manager, Infrastructure Planning and Operations to monitor and support student activities in the Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence.
The Facility Coordinator, known as a “Guru” is an exciting opportunity to be a student mentor in the Sandbox!  The role does incorporate some operational requirements (formal details below) but also opens up the opportunity to engage with peers to create DIY projects, share Ideas and to invent new ones. 
Major Areas of Responsibility:
  1. Opens and closes the Bergeron classrooms, design commons and labs and provides for the general cleanliness, safety and security of the areas. 30%
  2. Identifies and reports maintenance problems as they occur. 10%
  3. Advising and educating students on procedures and guidelines for the use of the rooms and lab area and the use of equipment, 3-D printers, supplies, materials, software, hardware and peripherals, reports non-compliance to appropriate party. Helps to schedule breakout spaces and study spaces. Orients and helps students to use specific software and hardware. 35%
  4. The facilities assistant addresses problems with students who do not follow established procedures or exhibit disruptive behavior. They will refer any major or serious matters to the Security Services or Manager, Infrastructure Planning and Operations, Lassonde School. 10%
  5. Supportive role for Lassonde events in the Bergeron Centre eg  Arranging furniture on castors, moving chairs back into position. Assess the space that it conforms to the standard layout and that all services are in place before the space is used. Contact Manager if housekeeping or any services are required to get space back to original condition. 15%
Job Qualification and Related Skill Requirements: 
We are looking for:
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends.
  • Ability to work independently.  
  • Excellent communication skills and customer service skills
  • Excellent decision making ability and problem solving skills
  • 2+ years Customer Service Experience
Inclusiveness: Understands and commits to promoting equal opportunity and support for all.
Integrity: Demonstrates responsible behaviour at all times and maintains high ethical standards.
Sense of Community: Demonstrates an awareness and understanding of community and responds to identified needs.
Teamwork: Actively build teams and encourage open relationships for maximum organizational effectiveness.
Communication: Communicates in a thorough, clear and timely manner and supports information sharing and goal achievement across the Association.
Initiative: Seek and find solutions to problems without waiting for direction; identifies new ideas that will assist in achieving mission and strategic goals. Be able to work independently and be punctual.
How to apply
Email resume to
Application Deadline: end of day September 4, 2018


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