Challenge your limits with Passion Project (ENG1600), a 1-credit course coming this winter semester

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In this course, students have the opportunity to pursue a project they are personally passionate about at their own speed, with the supervision and support of the instructor, Dr. Kai Zhuang.
This course encourages students to pursue a project they are passionate about, enabling them to stretch beyond their comfort zone. Students will have the opportunity to share their projects during the annual Lassonde Exhibit. 
Projects must fulfill the below criteria:
  1. Meaningful
  2. Purpose Driven --> Service or Growth
  3. Go beyond the student's comfort zone
  4. Feasible
Project types can inlcude products, expression, exploration, design, innovation, activism, transofmration, learning and/or process. 
For more information or to register please contact instructor Dr. Kai Zhuang:

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