FAQ: labour disruption & remediation for students

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Below is a FAQ for Lassonde students regarding course completion. 
Students who have further questions are encouraged to reach out to Student Centre staff at ask@lassonde.yorku.ca

Can I choose the Assessed Grades option as outlined in the Senate Document of March 19?

This option does not apply to our programs with accreditation requirements in: engineering, computer science and computer security programs, and earth & atmospheric science offered by Lassonde.

I’m going to lectures and planning to write the originally scheduled exam, am I safe to make plans for after April 23?

It depends on if your classes have labs/tutorials that will run during the remediation period. You will still be expected to participate in those labs/tutorials, even if they occur after April 23. Check with your instructor if you’re not sure.

Will the original exam schedule change?

It might. Courses that have been suspended have been removed from the original final exam schedule. The schedule may still change for a variety of reasons. Please check regularly for your exam schedule online.

I need to declare my major as a first-year engineering student, will the deadline change because of the labour disruption?

No. You still need to submit your declaration of major form by the published deadline.

I want to change my program or my major, will the deadline change because of the labour disruption?

No. You still need to submit your application by the published deadline.

Will I still need to complete a mandatory advising session before my enrolment window for Fall term courses?

Yes. You will be blocked from enrolling in Fall/Winter courses for 2018-19 if you have failed to complete required advising. You can learn how to complete your required advising session online.

Can I take the exam twice?

No. You can only complete an assessment (assignment, test, quiz, exam, presentation, etc.) for your course once. This means you must choose when to participate in course activities; if you choose to complete an assessment (e.g. submit an assignment, write an exam, etc.) in the regularly scheduled course and exam period, you cannot complete the same assessment in the remediation period.

Will the start of my summer term be affected by the labour disruption?

We don’t know right now. Keep checking the Summer Sessional Dates for the most accurate information.

I’m pursuing course work during the remediation period – when will that happen and be finished?

Remediation dates will be finalized when the labour disruption has finished.

I’m thinking about dropping a course, when’s the last day I can do that?

The last day to drop a course without receiving a grade will be the last day of classes prior to the exam period in which you write. If you write an exam in a course that continued, the last day to drop is Friday, April 6. If you write an exam in the remediation period, the last day to drop will be the last day of classes on the revised schedule created after the disruption ends. As always, there may be financial implications in dropping a course (e.g. impact on OSAP, scholarships, etc), so please consult an advisor or Student Financial Services if this is a concern for you prior to dropping a course.

Will my co-op or internship be affected by the labour disruption?

The co-op and internship team has been in touch with employers of Lassonde students who are going out on a work term/period beginning in May to alert them of the current Labour disruption. The impact on summer work terms depends on when the disruption is over. We are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to work with employers as things progress.

For updates and more FAQs, visit the York U Labour website.


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