Ghost in the Machine - January 24

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Ghost in the Machine is a free public event, the second in the Next 100 series, that will focus on the ways in which technology will continue transforming society and what it means to be human.

Experts, academics, futurists and business leaders will discuss the inherent assumptions in how we design technology and what scientists, industries and governments can do to ensure that tech benefits us in the future.

The panel will debate the responsibility companies have to make tech more equitable, accessible and sensitive to the diversity of human experience.

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Bram & Bluma Appel Salon - Toronto Reference Library
Doors 6:30pm | Event 7:00pm





Jesse Hirsh is a researcher, artist, and public speaker based in Toronto, Canada. His research interests focus largely on the intersection of technology and politics, in particular artificial intelligence and democracy. He recently completed an MA at Ryerson University on algorithmic media.



Huda is the Founder and CEO of Dot Health, a real-time personal health data platform. With a background in engineering from the University of Toronto and a prolific career at some of Toronto's best known startups including Wattpad, Wave, and Wealthsimple, her latest venture is transforming the way people access and control their own health information for good. Huda's work has been featured in The Globe and Mail, Metro News, CNBC, and Metro Morning. She has been recognized amongst the Top 5 CEOs in Toronto Life and as a Top 25 Women of Influence in 2017. Huda serves on the Business Innovation and Development committee at Sinai Health System and on the Canadian Federal Economic Strategy Table for Health and Biosciences.


Steve Irvine is the founder and CEO of Toronto-based company Integrate.AI, which focuses on applied artificial intelligence. Prior to founding Integrate.AI, Steve was an executive at Facebook head office in California, most recently as the global head of partnerships for Facebook and Instagram. Steve held other senior leadership roles at Facebook including leading a global strategy team and helping to build Facebook's presence in Canada as an early member of the Facebook Canada leadership team. Steve is a serial entrepreneur having founded and built two marketing technology companies prior to joining Facebook. Steve is an academic all-Canadian graduate from York University.


Prof. Kerr is the Canada Research Chair in Ethics, Law and Technology at the University of Ottawa, and holds a unique four-way appointment in the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Philosophy, and School of Information Studies. He is a pioneer in the burgeoning field of AI and Robotics Law and Policy and a global leader in the field of privacy. His ongoing privacy work focuses on the interplay between emerging public and private sector surveillance technologies, civil liberties and human rights. His recent work, including his new book, Robot Law, studies the delegation of human tasks and decision making to machines with the aim of developing frameworks for the governance of robotics and artificial intelligence.


Regina Rini is the Canada Research Chair in Social and Moral Cognition and Assistant Professor of Philosophy at York University. She has a research background in moral psychology, ethical theory, and neuroscience. She teaches and writes on a number of topics at the intersection of normative theory and social science, and her previously published research is mostly about the relevance of cognitive science to moral theory. Currently she is working on new projects related to the ethics of microaggression, the relationship between moral disagreement and moral agency, and the role of partisanship in political epistemology. Before coming to York in 2017, she was Assistant Professor of Bioethics at NYU. Before that she held a postdoc in Moral Cognition at Oxford University.

Join us at the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon at the Toronto Reference Library.


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