Information Regarding EECS Waitlists

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Due to the high demand for EECS courses, students may have experienced difficulty enrolling in some courses for the upcoming year. The Department is working to ensure that all students will be able to take the courses they need in order to make timely progress in a program.

The department does enforce prerequisites. If a student is enrolled in a course but does not satisfy the prerequisites for it, the student will be removed from the course to make room for other students. Similarly, if a student is enrolled in too many EECS courses (more than three 3- or 4-credit EECS courses per term for B.Sc. and BA students, or more than four 3- or 4-credit EECS courses per term for B.Eng. students), that student may be removed from some courses. As a courtesy to fellow students, we ask students currently enrolled in a course for which they do not have the prerequisites (or if they have exceeded the limit on the number of EECS courses per term), to please drop the course now so that other students may enrol in it.

Instructions for students:

If you are unable to enrol in an EECS course for the Fall 2017 term, please submit a request to enrol in the course by filling out the online waiting list form. This online form will be available starting Monday, August 21 at 9am. This form may be used only for EECS fall-term courses whose second digit is not 5. The form will be available here, under “Undergraduate Student News”. A York passport login is required. Please follow the instructions on the form carefully.

Please note:

The deadline to submit the form is Tuesday September 5, 2017 by 3pm. After this time the form will become inaccessible, so please be sure to submit the form on time.

Results will be posted on Monday September 11, 2017 by 3pm. If we were able to find available spaces in courses for you, you will then be able to enrol in the courses.

There will be no subsidiary waiting list after the results are posted. If you did not apply for a course using the waiting list form, you may be able to enrol in a course only if three conditions are met:

  1. There is space remaining in the course after the waiting list has been processed
  2. The instructor signs a “Request to Enrol Late” form for you
  3. You have the prerequisites.

If you submit the form more than once, only your last submission will be processed. (You can make changes to your submission up to the deadline, but you must include all your requested courses on the last submission.)

More information about the waiting list process may be found on page 128 of the supplemental calendar or here.

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) Department can be reached here.