Lassonde course brings hands-on learning to students

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Lassonde's MECH2502: Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques course has been used as the basis of a white paper develped by industry partner Quanser.

The course, led by Lassonde professor Nima Tabatabaei, is open to students learning measurement and instrumentation techniques.

In addition to teaching theory, prof. Tabatabaei created Quanser Experiential Laboratory, a set of lab exercises where students apply their knowledge to experiments and hands-on projects.

Through practical lab work with tools and instruments provided by Quanser Lassonde, students are able to gain the skills they will need once they enter the engineering world.

Project-based experiential learning in a flipped-classroom setting is letting Lassonde students to learn theory more effectively while constantly applying their knowledge to real-life challenges.

To read the paper, click here.

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