Lassonde courses in Law, Business & Entrepreneurship

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Your chance to study Law, Business & Entrepreneurship

Lassonde students,

At Lassonde you'll now have the opportunity to study law, business and entrepreneurship alongside your program.

This is all part of our plan to offer you a broader education that goes beyond your core technical training to give you the skills you'll need to get great jobs and to create jobs when you graduate.


Why we're offering law, business & entrepreneurship courses

On the front page of the Lassonde website you'll see us describe ourselves as "The home of the Renaissance Engineer".

At the Lassonde School we will create entrepreneurial engineers with a social conscience and sense of global citizenship - what we're calling the Renaissance Engineer.

It's great words and an exciting idea. Now we're starting to make turn it from an aspiration to an everyday reality for each one of you.

How we'll be teaching law, business & entrepreneurship

Interdisciplinary education is one of the founding principles of York University. Now we're working with YorkU's Schulich School of Business - and Osgoode Hall Law School at YorkU to offer you the chance to study law, business and entrepreneurship.

What we're offering

The three courses available to Lassondians from our partners in the Schulich School of Business and the Osgoode Hall Law School, for the Winter term 2013

  • ENTR 4500: Entrepreneurship and Technology Ventures
  • LW 3040: Privacy and Access to Information
  • LW 3591: Commercializing IP

Prerequisite for all three: ENG 3000, CSE 3001 or equivalent.
To register in ENTR 4500: Entrepreneurship and Technology Ventures Lassondians should email Amy Gaukel Assistant Dean Students. The maximum class size will be 35.
Osgoode courses are offered in small sections. 5 places are reserved for Lassondians in each of LW 3591 and LW 3040.

Again, interested Lassondians should contact Amy Gaukel, and include a brief statement outlining their interest in the course.

These courses can count towards your general education requirements. Please check with a student adviser to verify.
The deadline to register is 31 October 2013.


We hope to see as many of you as possible involved in these courses.

The more of you we have express an interest, the more we'll be able to expand our law, business and entrepreneurship courses to more of you so please register.

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