Lassonde Memo: Follow-up to March 20 Senate Communications re: completion of F/W term

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*Note originally sent on March 20, 2020*


We have reviewed the Senate Communications pertaining to the completion of the FW and W 2019-2020 academic terms and provide the following guidance for Course Director to implement in the remainder of your courses:

  • We strongly encourage all course directors to offer their final exams, in a non-in person format. See section on “Assessment” at the for ideas and support.
  • We strongly encourage that you maintain the original weighting of your exam, as students may opt for the original assessment if the re-weighting is significant. (Which students are permitted to due under the Senate guidelines.)
  • As a last resort, where a course director has graded 70% or more of the final grade in a course, the course director may provide students the option of receiving a final grade that is based on a re-weighting. [Note: re-weighting to achieve 70% grading is not an option.] The course director must be satisfied that the learning objectives of the course have been achieved and that fairness to students and academic integrity are preserved is using this option.

Please refer to the fact sheet linked here and below and for additional solutions to alternate exam formats regarding exams.



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