Lassonde Memo: International Students Seeking to Return Home

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Canada has made it clear that all citizens and residents currently overseas should return home as soon as possible and many other countries are also recalling their own nationals. The Lassonde School of Engineering is in the unique position within York University in having a graduate research cohort that is primarily international in origin and thus it is especially important that we have compassion for the difficult situation of our graduate students, as well as our PDFs and PDVs and offer them every support.
If an international graduate student, PDF or PDV wishes to return to their home country under these circumstances, it is incumbent upon all of us and especially their faculty advisor to support them in doing so as quickly as possible while commercial transportation remains available.
As described in the March 16th memo from AVPRIs Pillai Riddell & Haig-Brown, all faculty are immediately urged to go online now for all lab meetings and to find ways in which research can continue in a remote format.
Under all circumstances, graduate students will be accommodated to complete their programs, including their continued participation in research laboratories.
For additional information please consult the research FAQ from the office of the Vice President, Research and Innovation:

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