Lassonde Memo: Ongoing Labs

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Originally sent Tuesday, March 17, 2020 on behalf of Dean Goodyer, Vice Dean Palermo & Associate Dean John Moores

In light of all in-person classes moving to online formats and with the University stipulating the cancelling of all in-person exams during the formal winter exam period of April 7-25, 2020, students will now be able to complete their courses without returning to our campuses this academic term.

Myself, the Vice Dean and Associate Dean have met with the Chairs and discussed some additional steps we feel are necessary to further promote health and safety in our community:


  • We strongly urge all faculty members to complete any outstanding laboratories on-line where possible.
  • However, if you feel that a laboratory’s learning outcomes have been met by other means (such as other assessed labs) or that you can assess the outcomes in another type of assessment, you can cease the expectation of completing a laboratory by changing the kind and weighting of assessments (as per Senate Disruptions Policy).

For those supporting our engineering accredited programs please see the statement from the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board in response to concerns expressed by some institutions about how changes to course delivery might impact on program accreditation. This statement is available on the Engineers Canada website at:

We thank you for your patience during these unprecedented times. We understand that requests and updates are coming your way very quickly, and we are appreciative of your willingness to adapt and cooperate as we navigate through the situation.


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