Lassonde partners with Transoft Solutions for hands-on training equipment

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Lassonde's Civil Engineering department is partnering with Transoft Solutions to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities with top industry equipment: AutoTURN Pro, TORUS roundabout software, NEXUS and Road CEM, used for designing intersections and roadways.

Transoft’s flagship AutoTURN product is used by a majority of North American departments of transportation to check space allocations for vehicles as they conduct turning maneuvers. Transoft also has cutting-edge software utilized in intersection design, roundabouts, roadway signage and traffic analysis.

“Transoft is thrilled to have the opportunity to help train tomorrow’s transportation engineers at York University’s Lassonde School of Engineering,” said Noel Dolotallas, Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Transoft Solutions. “We are committed to strengthening our ties to high-quality post-secondary institutions and we look forward to this mutually beneficial partnership.”

The software will be utilized to train students taking transportation engineering courses at Lassonde.

“Students love these design courses because they feel they are actually learning something, instead of simply listening to a lecture, I want my students to be exposed to hands-on learning programs so they can be more competitive when they’re applying for a job,” said Peter Park, Lassonde Civil Engineering professor.

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