Lassonde's BEST lab hosts bootcamp for young entrepreneurs

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This July, BEST Lab hosted its first STEM Entrepreneurship Boot Camp in collaboration with Youth Science Canada.

Canada’s brightest young minds joined Lassonde incoming students to transform their science projects into viable businesses. High school students learned skills, such as communication and creative problem solving in a university environment.

Most of the students stayed in the Schulich Executive Centre, attending classes and working on their pitches.

Lectures for students covered topics such as communication, critical venture success factors, barriers to adoption, and developing a value proposition.

Students also learned how to creatively solve problems, work in teams and reflect on their experiential learning journeys. 

Every day students practiced their pitches and presented them to each others and to invited guests.  

Throughout the week, students worked in dynamic groups, and were free to help each other with their projects. This provided them with a safe space to share their ideas and provide constructive criticism to each other's work.

At the end of the week, students prepared a video about their business idea (with some help from YorkU film school graduates) and presented them to a panel of Lassonde judges on the last day. 

“It doesn’t matter if you are the best at everything. In a business it means nothing at all if you can’t incorporate everybody else’s strengths al well. It is important to understand your weaknesses and find somebody whose strengths complement you," said Megan Gran, incoming Lassonde Student, CWSF participant about the experience.


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