Upcoming seminars: cybersecurity & wireless communications

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The Women in Computer Science and Engineering (WICSE) committee seeks to provide resources and assistance to female undergraduate and graduate students in order to enhance their leadership skills, boost their confidence, and support their participation in Science and Engineering activities. Their goal is to inspire female students to pursue their passions, explore new opportunities, and to make meaningful and lasting connections through activities, events and educational semainars like the two being offered later this month. 
Seminar One: Wireless Communications and Career Opportunities for Women in Engineering with Dr. Lian Zhao
March 21st, 12pm - 1pm | LAS 3033
Lunch bites will be provided. 
Join Ryerson University Professor, Dr. Lian Zhao, for a seminar covering wireless communications and the ways systems and technologies have rapidly evolved, changing the way we communicate. 
The second half of the seminar will focus on challenges and opportunities facing women in engineering. Dr. Zhao will share her own personal experience navigating her career with the goal of stimulating meaningful discussion among attendees, so bring your questions, concerns and ideas! 
This seminar is open to everyone. To attend please register by March 17 by clicking this link. 
Seminar Two: Opportunities for Women in Cybersecurity with Dr. Eman Hammad
March 25th, 2pm - 3pm | LAS 3033
Lunch bites will be provided.  
Dr. Eman Hammad is visiting from the University of Toronto, where she will introduce basic cybersecurity concepts, describe some of the efforts and gaps in current research, and present some of the resources/tools to help researchers in the field develop and sustain a secure-by-design approach. Launching a career in cybersecurity have never had a better market place, especially for women. 
This seminar is open to everyone. Please register by clicking this link

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