Update on labour disruption at the university

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Updated - Thursday, March 29



The University remains open. Most Lassonde classes are running. Students are encouraged to check the status of their labs and tutorials daily at my.yorku.ca 

On March 28, Senate Executive Committee issued a communication regarding a plan for the completion of courses.

Below is a summary of the communication from Senate including the most pertinent information to students:

Please note that in many cases the activities needed to complete the course will continue beyond the examination period. This includes labs, tutorials, presentations and other activities in otherwise running courses. Students are asked to take this into account as you begin your summer term planning.

  • Current academic session will finish on schedule for active courses. If your course has been suspended, the remediated term will be 1 week shorter than the regular term.
  • Instructors will have flexibility to adjust weighting and number of evaluations.
  • Students will be given option of original marking scheme whenever possible.
  • Assessed grades will not apply to Lassonde.
  • Pass/fail option will be extended where applicable.
  • Final days of exams for continuing course is April 23, however, some activities needed to complete courses (labs, tutorials, presentations, etc.) will need to take place after exams.

The drop deadline has been extended.

Below is a list of services and resources for students to stay up to date regarding transportation, safety, courses and events on campus. 

In the coming days we will be holding a number of townhalls and chats where the Dean and Assistant Dean, Students will be meeting with students to hear about their concerns.

The next townhall with the Dean is on Thursday, April 5 at 2.00pm at 125 Bergeron Centre.

It will be a time for the Dean and support staff to listen to concerns and to answer questions. We will be opening the Bergeron Centre - the home of all Lassondians - as a space for both study and community.

Resources for instructors including forms and instructions for lecture capture can be found here.



Resources and updates

For the most in-depth and up to date information regarding the labour disruption including transportation updates, picket lines and safety information please monitor labour.yorku.ca.
The University has announced that it remains open, with classes continuing.

However, certain courses, tutorials and labs may be suspended. Course-specific information can be found by logging into my.yorku.ca. Please check this site daily for updates. Course information is updated daily at 8.00pm.
The Student Welcome and Support Centre at the Bergeron Centre will be open regular hours to help answer your questions. Students should use the Welcome Desk as a key point of contact and can direct questions to ask@lassonde.yorku.ca or 416-650-8215.
We ask all Lassondians to check their email and this page in the coming days to stay up to date.



Check the Lassonde Facebook page for a complete list of Lassonde events.

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