What's BEST?

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BEST - Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science & Technology

The BEST program supports entrepreneurial programs and initiatives at Lassonde focused on enabling engineering students to develop business skills and understand what it takes to launch a start up enterprise.

In 2012, Douglas Bergeron and his wife Sandra Bergeron donating $2 million to create the BEST (Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science & Technology) program at Lassonde.


  • The BEST program will create 100 fellowships over the next 10 years to support young women and men at the Lassonde School who show great promise and leadership potential.
  • Graduates of the BEST program will earn a Bergeron Distinction in Entrepreneurship and New Ventures – a certification that the graduate truly understands, appreciates and embraces the entrepreneurial mindset and is ready to tackle any innovation challenge.
  • The top scholars will be awarded the Bergeron Entrepreneur Medal – both the Distinction and the Medal will be recognized at graduation.

For more information visit the BEST website.

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