York University Memo: Conquer COVID-19 with your Engineering & Science Expertise

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Below is a note from VPRI - requesting information on how you may be contributing positively to the fight against COVID-19. 


In the midst of the COVD-19 upheaval, I can’t tell you how heartening it is to have had so many people reach out to want to help people in our communities, local or global. In order to optimize York’s ability to meet the quickly changing needs of our communities, it is important to know who in our community is willing to help. This is why we are reaching out to all of you.   

Being able to print goggles, sew masks, consult on policy and law relating to the pandemic, help educate our children, help businesses transition online, help manage the anxiety of a scared child, or lend 100 ml of a specific reagent needed to build a COVID-19 vaccine -  these are just a few of the ways we want to know if you have been/would be willing to help.

You may have already donated or reached out in your local community, if so, we'd love to heard about it!

Please take 10 minutes of time before FRIDAY MARCH 27th at 5pm to let us know how you can help or have already helped by filling out this mach form linked here.

Many of the items are in response to asks already being made to York so quick responses from you is of the essence but also will allow York to proactively reach out too.

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