Club Advisor

Club Advisor

Who can be an advisor?

Advisors are current Lassonde faculty or staff members. Student clubs may want to check with the Chairs of their departments to see if there are any faculty members assigned to their clubs. Club advisors will be forwarded copies of their mid and final term reports.

Roles and Responsibilites of Faculty/Staff Advisors

Advisors agree to:

  1. Know the general purpose of the organization and is familiar with the organization’s constitution.

  2. Take an active role in advising the student organization.

  3. Annually review the student organization’s governing documents (constitution & bylaws, budget) and/or guiding policies to ensure accountability by the student organization.

  4. Know the officers of the organization and mentor their leaders.

  5. Meet with the organization’s Chair/President on a regular basis (at least once a month).

  6. Be informed of all activities sponsored and conducted by the student organization.

  7. Offer guidance to the organization on organization management, goals, technical expertise, program planning.

  8. Inform the Manager, Student Engagement or Assistant Dean, Students any activities which may or will violate University policies.

Requirements for serving as an Advisor

  1. An advisor should be a full-time employee of York University.

  2. Advisors are required to attend various social events of the student organizations, held during and after normal business hours.


  1. Sharing one’s knowledge and experiences with others.

  2. Developing a personal relationship with students.

  3. Sharing common interests and working toward a common goal.