Founding Dean




Janusz A. Kozinski

Founding Dean

Professor Janusz Kozinski is Founding Dean of the Lassonde School of Engineering.

As a globally trained academic leader, multidisciplinary researcher, creative thinker, arts enthusiast, entrepreneur and a speaker of five languages, Janusz embodies the traits of a Renaissance Engineer.

Born and raised in Krakow, Poland, Janusz received his post-doctoral training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) before joining McGill University where he was a Sir William Dawson Scholar in the Department of Mining, Metals & Materials Engineering and Associate Vice Principal (Research and International Relations).

His professional training and research positions span the globe including Oxford University and Harvard University, where he completed prestigious executive management and leadership programs.

In Canada as elsewhere, Janusz has been a trailblazing leader at every institution he has served. He served as Dean of the College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan, before moving to York University as Dean of the Faculty of Science of Engineering and latterly as the Founding Dean of the Lassonde School of Engineering, home of the Renaissance Engineer.

In 2006, Janusz was named International Chair in Bioenergy for the Institute for Advanced Studies and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in France. His esteemed academic career includes visiting professorships at the University of Utah, the University of Leeds, Imperial College, and Queen Mary College, London.

Janusz’s international research includes work on sustainable energy systems, next generation nuclear energy reactors, pathogen and mutagen destruction, fabrication of novel nanomaterials, Mars exploration and bioterrorism security in public buildings, including the eWARN system that sets the foundation of a building immune to chemical and biological agents.

Janusz has even researched in ‘space’, joining zero-gravity parabolic flights organized by the European Space Agency.



A tireless collaborator, Janusz’s research is multi-disciplinary by nature and involves fields including biotechnology, medicine, physics, chemistry, and the environment. In his words, he is unafraid of not immediately having answers and keeps his mind open to a variety of fields, knowing solutions come from working together.

This approach has also contributed to his successful trajectory as a socially-conscious entrepreneur. 

He is President of Energy Reaction Inc., Chair of the International Scientific Board of UV-Light Sciences Group Inc., Managing Director of Green Canal Holdings, past Chair of the Board of Directors, Centre of Excellence for Transportation & Infrastructure, and the Board Director of Innovation Saskatchewan.

Janusz is a passionate leader who exudes positivity and determination. An authentic Renaissance Engineer, he sees the necessity and beauty in bringing people together to not only solve the engineering problems of today and tomorrow, but to challenge each other to improve the social fabric of their societies.