Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR)



Up to $5K for a QRP
Up to $10K for a PDC application
Duration: 1 year
Deadlines: rolling

The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) and the Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network (MEOPAR) Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) recently launched a Call for Proposals (CFP) – 2018 Spring Flooding.  Social scientists are invited to deploy to a disaster-affected area in the aftermath of an extreme event to collect perishable data.  This joint funding opportunity is being made available under the ICLR Quick Response Program (QRP) and MEOPAR’s Prompt Data Collection Program (PDC).


To support research that will learn from disaster events in order to better prevent disasters and protect communities in the future.

Potential research topics that may receive funding through the program include: 

  • Identification of opportunities during recovery to increase resilience to future events;
  •  Evacuation recommendations vs. residents’ perceived danger;
  •  Evaluation of the influence of prior events on stakeholder behaviour;
  •  Analysis of stakeholder perception of risk relative to the actual risk;
  •  Study of the risks associated with simplification bias;
  •  Identification of the specific authorities that had the greatest influence over behaviour;
  •  Household-level recovery issues;
  •  Communication between emergency management officials and residents;
  •  Communication of information about property damage;
  •  Communication between insurance companies and policyholders;
  •  Effectiveness of local emergency management networks;
  •  Networks and partnerships formed between various groups as part of the disaster relief process;
  •  Social media use during disasters;
  •  Understanding the spatial planning and reconstruction of affected households/neighbourhoods;
  •  Adoption of climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in the built environment;
  •  Health issues of residents and relief personnel;
  •  Community recovery and household recovery capacity;
  •  Options for reducing the risk of future events;
  •  Other topics as proposed by the researcher(s).

Note: These topics are provided for illustrative purposes and applicants are encouraged to submit applications concerning any social and behavioural science topic associated with disaster events. While this call for proposals is open specifically for 2018 Spring Flooding Events, ICLR welcomes quick response research proposals for other disasters at any time, and MEOPAR welcomes proposals under the Prompt Data Collection program.