Janusz Kozinski - Founding Dean


Welcome from Janusz Kozinski - Founding Dean


Friends – old and new,

A very warm welcome to the Lassonde School of Engineering.

The Lassonde School is a community. One that values learning. Our mission is to grow a place where students love to learn and where people love to work.

Our students are Lassonde’s greatest assets. Lassondians – as our students are known – are creative, passionate, rational, confident and ingenious.

The Lassonde School is a place for them to become entrepreneurs, leaders and agents of social change – Renaissance Engineers – curious adventurers who will strike out in new directions.

Thanks to so many in our community — students, faculty and staff members, alumni, parents, friends, and neighbours — the Lassonde School hums with bold ideas and inspired solutions. A place where teaching and research go hand-in-hand, reinforcing one another and forging implacable bonds between students and academics.

We want the Lassonde School of Engineering to be recognized for its fascination with improving education, its humanistic breadth, its warmth, its deep human sympathy and its intense need to look at every angle of an issue.

Awaken your spirit to adventure; hold nothing back; learn to find ease in risk. 

Join us on our journey. 

Together, we can change the world for the better.



Janusz writes a regular column for The Huffington Post