Student Support

The Lassonde M Squad

The Lassonde M(entor) Squad is a student-coordinated, peer support service that aids new students make a smooth transition to life at Lassonde. Our aim is to provide a positive, encouraging community that supports the academic and personal development of students at the Lassonde School of Engineering

Interested in becoming a Protege?

Becoming a Protégé means you will receive guidance and assistance from the Peer Helpers and the Faculty Mentors in achieving your goals. You will have the opportunity to build connections with the Faculty, Students and Staff and learn more about academic and non-academic opportunities at Lassonde School of Engineering

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Interested in becoming a Peer Helper?

Becoming a Peer Helper at Lassonde is a great way to get involved in the community. As a peer helper, you will have the opportunity to foster your personal and professional development by working closely with protégés, fellow peer/faculty mentors and program coordinators. The work experience that you gain will also make a great addition to your resume and can be referenced on job applications! Above all, you will be making a real difference in a fellow student’s life! 

We are currently recruiting new peer helpers for the 2017-2018 academic year. All students currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree offered through the Lassonde School of Engineering are encouraged to apply!

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Are you a professor or research scientist and would like to be a mentor?

Becoming a Faculty Mentor at Lassonde is a unique way to show your support to students! Through being a faculty mentor, you will help to develop an environment where students feel engaged and supported in their studies, leading to improved retention and academic achievement. In this important role you will be expected to provide the teaching, guidance and advice needed to support the well-being of our students outside the classroom.

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Meet our current Peer Helpers

Brandon Loy

Hi, my name is Brandon Loy. I’m a 2nd year electrical engineering student here at Lassonde. I volunteer as a ninja with Excel Lassonde and also as a peer helper. There’s nothing I like more than going on canoe trips but I also spend a lot of my spare time working on small personal projects.


Haaniyah Ali


Hey, my name is Haaniyah Ali and I am currently in my second year of Mechanical Engineering. I am an executive member in ASME and have participated in many leadership roles in Lassonde. When I leave this beautiful building, I love a great story and spend all of my free time either reading, writing or watching movies. I find stories are a great way to get to know new people and learn about the complexities surrounding us. Also, I enjoy a good conversation with a stranger, so feel free to and say hello to me at any point!


Jaspritt Gill

Hi, I’m Jaspritt Gill. I am a 5th year Space Engineering student with 16 months industry experience. I like hanging out with friends and making new ones. I am also a mad hands on guy, I love fixing stuff. Feel free to chat with me for any inquiries.


Joshua Abraham

My name is Joshua Abraham, I am a current second year Computer Engineering student.  I love playing video games, reading, and gardening during the warmer months.  I personally enjoy programming classes and I am most fluent in Java.  When not in class, I am usually working away at Berg or the Prism Lab. 


Jushwin Mahal

Hi, I'm Jushwin Mahal. I’m a second year student in the Mechanical Engineering program. I love everything about cars and I enjoy playing basketball in my spare time.


Lucine Dayian

Hi! My name is Lucine, and I'm a second year mechanical engineering student. I'm involved with the Armenian Students' Association at York as well as Power to Change. In my free time I love to play tennis as well as the piano. Fun fact about me: I'm from Texas! 


Praise Ayorinde

Hi Everyone, My name is Praise Ayorinde. I’m a third year student in Lassonde, double majoring in Computer Science (Intelligent Systems stream) and Psychology. I am currently a tutor for excelLassonde, and one of its executives. I tutor MATH 1090 and EECS 3311. I am also a peer Mentor here at Lassonde, and a service Director for the Golden Key Club. During my free time, I pick up different books to read, play sudoku puzzles, watch series and try to learn something online (trying out machine learning whenever I get the chance). Feel free to stop me anytime if you want to chat or ask any questions! I always like to help out in anyway I can. It’s been awesome volunteering with Lassonde.


Ryan Clark

My name is Ryan I am a 3rd year space science student. I was born and raised in Port Coquitlam British Colombia before I move to Lassonde. I am executive member of the Lassonde Skyblazzers club as well as a Lassonde scholar. Outside of school some of my interests include country music, MMA and learning how to build new things.  


Sam Guraya

Hey! My name is Sam Guraya and I am a second year Electrical Engineering student. Currently I am a Peer Helper and tutor in Excel Lassonde. As a tutor, I teach almost all first year engineering courses and will gladly help if you are ever struggling on any particular topic. I would describe myself as a very persistent person as I don’t like giving up while learning new things. A random fact about myself is that I play the piano.  


Sunjik Lee

Hello! My name is Sunjik, but you can call me Sunny. I’m currently in my third year in Computer Science. I’ve had a lot of experience in University; before York, I spent five years at Queen’s University. Needless to say, I’ve been around the block and learned a few things! On my free time I enjoy watching movies and TV. I also enjoy meeting new people, so come on by and we’ll have a chat!


Tunde Adegbesan

Babatunde Adegbesan (Also known as Tunde) is a student of York University and a peer helper at Lassonde School of Engineering. He is in his third year of studying Space Science. He enjoys helping new students with transition into the University system. He has participated in extracurricular activities as being a leader such as Bootcamp, Week Zero, York University Open House. He currently works for the York University Observatory located at Petrie Science Building. He loves taking photographs, playing soccer, squash and tennis. He thinks of himself as an outgoing person who loves to meet people. His favourite quote is ‘Just get up against something sturdy, protect yourself, triangle of life.’


Yassin Mohamed


Yassin is a 3rd year Software Engineering major, he chose that major because he loves writing code and creating things from nothing. He thinks it’s because of his self-diagnosed God complex, but he can’t be sure. His favorite hobbies are reading books that are in no way academic, and going to the gym so he can eat Popeye’s without feeling guilty. He’s also a recovering Video-Game addict, fairly knowledgeable about cars, and enjoys engaging in meaningless philosophical discussions.