My Actions Matter Project

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The Lassonde School of Engineering is pleased to announce today a new project that is going to take actions to end violence and aggressions toward women and marginalized people.

It is called the #MYActionsMatter Project.

The project will address two challenges: 

  1. What is micro-aggressive behaviour and what can you do to stop it?
  2. How can all people be allies to marginalized, racialized and underrepresented people including women in STEM

Students will be given a chance to sign-up to design and facilitate a 1.5 hour workshop on each challenge, in an exciting, engaging and interactive way, building knowledge on these two very complicated topics.

Students will be given a team of advisors to work with consisting of professors, senior administrators and corporate partners. PricewaterhouseCoopers will be the lead partner. 

Students can sign-up for this opportunity here in the month of December and will start at work through January and February to deliver these 2 workshops at the Lassonde School on March 8, 2018, International Women’s Day.


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