National Research Council Canada (NRC) R&D Presentation

Monday, October 22, 2018
10.30am - 11.30am
203 Bergeron Centre

Lassonde School of Engineering is inviting researchers to learn more about NRC, Canada's largest research organization supporting industrial innovation, the advancement of knowledge and technology development.

A representative from NRC will present a general introduction to NRC followed by opportunities to have a more focused discussion.

General presentation will be followed by an opportunity to have one-on-one discussions with the Simulation and Digital Health (SDH) Group from NRC. Please let Paulina know ASAP if you are interested.

There are several research axes that could be explored through NRC-academic collaboration, such as, high-precision and robust wireless sensors, high-quality cameras, intelligent user interactions, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.  
The National Research Council Canada is the primary research and technology organization of the federal government, with 14 research centres across the country. The Simulation and Digital Health (SDH) Section within the Medical Devices Research Centre, located in Boucherville, is focusing on advancing research and technology developments that are aligned to benefit health care delivery, relying on the SDH in-house core software platforms, biomedical engineering expertise and front line interactions with end-users and subject-matter experts. Core research and development activities in these domains are transferable and applicable to other fields thus attempting to benefit the Canadian ecosystem at large.
Three main research activities are conducted within SDH:

  • Medical Task Simulation: SDH’s longest-standing activity which has successfully delivered several interactive real time simulators of various surgical specialties including NeuroVR (commercialized by CAE Healthcare);
  • xR Cognitive Care: which focuses on the personalized cognitive deficit assessment and remediation management;
  • Scalable & Remote Interactions: which supports the development of a cloud-based remote interaction platform, bConnected.

The bConnected project is an internal NRC research project aiming to develop a cloud-based remote interaction platform with virtual assistants, driven by domain-specific intelligence and personalized with secure monitoring data, relying on efficient predictive algorithms. Two application fields have been identified for bConnected platform. Tele-monitoring and tele-intervention for healthcare system is the first application, more specifically, with target use cases of cognitive impairment evaluation (along with NRC’s in-house cognitive assessment platform bWell), and emergency care. The second application field is the remote training by manipulative interactive simulations which underpins NRC’s in-house simulation platform bActive. The bConnected platform includes three main components: a web portal, a mobile application and selected connected devices/sensors. Currently bConnected platform has reached its first internal release with two main features: a remote visualization component for the cognitive exercise performance data and intelligent interaction interface for emergence care.