Our New Home


The new home of Lassonde School of Engineering will represent in both form and function the principles that define this ground breaking project.

‘The Cloud’ design of the building will be as iconic on the outside as it is radical on the inside.

The dynamic, evolutionary vision of this Renaissance Engineering™ School will be represented in a flowing, elegant external form that is indivisible from the creative enterprise within. Lassonde’s new home is a bold reflection of the School’s mission to absorb thinking from beyond the immediacy, to look outward, to see possibilities not in blue skies but in the complex realities of the present.

This will be more than simply a structure. It will be a home for Renaissance Engineers™. The new building is where Lassondians will work, learn and discover. It will be a place to form relationships, friendships and partnerships. It will be a place where great things happen, where creativity flourishes, where collaboration is second nature.

In form and function, ‘The Cloud’ will exude Lassonde’s commitment to openness and to the triumph of intellectual courage over timidity. To be truly creative Lassondians must be buffeted by the forces around us rather than hermetically sealed from outside influences.

Clouds are the same on the inside as they are on the outside.

Our new building is designed around our students to produce a creative biosphere where fearless collaboration, research, creative thinking and communication thrive without artificial barriers dividing disciplines or enforcing hierarchy. Innovation laboratories with the latest technology and flexible learning clusters will resemble design studios, a break from the tradition of engineering classroom environments.

How many lecture theatres will be in the new Lassonde building? Zero. Lassonde’s concept of the classroom is a space where students come to discuss the concepts they have learned, absorb ideas from each other, and work together on projects. Offices will be replaced by open plan, accessible spaces filled with natural light reflecting the School’s commitment to transparency and a truly egalitarian spirit of inquiry.

Students will be brought together in diverse classrooms, with integrated content, to interact creatively and socially. All engineering schools will have to do the same thing to create different individuals and different engineers than they did before.” Pierre Lassonde