Peer Helpers

The Lassonde Peer Helpers

The Lassonde Peer Helpers is a student-coordinated, peer support service that aids new students make a smooth transition to life at Lassonde. Our aim is to provide a positive, encouraging community that supports the academic and personal development of students at the Lassonde School of Engineering.  Our goal is to aid students with the transition into University, and once here to help foster the Lassonde community.  Peer Helpers run Academic Orientation, answer questions during the SWSC academic advising drop-in sessions, organize workshops throughout the year, and work with other clubs and organizations for unique hybrid events.

Interested in becoming a Peer Helper?

Becoming a Peer Helper at Lassonde is a great way to get involved in the community. As a peer helper, you will have the opportunity to foster your personal and professional development by working closely with Lassonde clubs and organiations, fellow peers, faculty and staff. The work experience that you gain will also make a great addition to your resume and can be referenced on job applications! Above all, you will be making a real difference in a fellow student’s life! 

We are currently recruiting new peer helpers for the 2018 winter term. All students currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree offered through the Lassonde School of Engineering are encouraged to apply

Meet the Peer Helpers

Eyad Abu Rish

Peer helpers Lead

Hi there! I am a 3rd-year Civil Engineering student and I am passionate about building a strong community here at Lassonde. I always love to give back to the community in as many ways as I can. One of the things I am helping with this year is through running Lassonde's Peer Helpers program. I am always more than happy to have a chat with Lassonde students, so feel free to reach me on social media or catch me in person next time you see me! 


Doris Zhou

Commuter Ambassador

Doris Zhou

Hi, my name is Doris. I am a first-year engineering student. I was in the York film's program for two years before transferring into engineering, so I have a lot of knowledge of art and photography. During my time as a peer helper, I want to raise awareness of mental health and use my knowledge and experience to prepare news students for university life both mentally and academically. I also want to help commuters feel more involved in the Lassonde community and organize more events that help make commuting easier.


Moamen Mostafa

Student Engagement


Nikeet Pandit

Networking Ambassador

Hi everyone, my name is Nikeet Pandit. I moved from Vancouver roughly 3 years ago, after being accepted into the space engineering program here at York. Now in my third year, I'm excited to help lead new students through their first year and be a part of the peer leadership team. I especially love snowboarding, hiking, and cooking. My favourite celestial body is Titan and my favourite dish to make is a carbonara pasta. Please feel free to come say hi!


Sidharth Sudarsan

Student Engagement


Vivek Wadhawni

Student Engagement



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