Peer Helpers

The Lassonde Peer Helpers

The Lassonde Peer Helpers is a student-coordinated, peer support service that aids new students make a smooth transition to life at Lassonde. Our aim is to provide a positive, encouraging community that supports the academic and personal development of students at the Lassonde School of Engineering.  Our goal is to aid students with the transition into University, and once here to help foster the Lassonde community.  Peer Helpers run Academic Orientation, answer questions during the SWSC academic advising drop-in sessions, organize workshops throughout the year, and work with other clubs and organizations for unique hybrid events.

Interested in becoming a Peer Helper?

Becoming a Peer Helper at Lassonde is a great way to get involved in the community. As a peer helper, you will have the opportunity to foster your personal and professional development by working closely with Lassonde clubs and organiations, fellow peers, faculty and staff. The work experience that you gain will also make a great addition to your resume and can be referenced on job applications! Above all, you will be making a real difference in a fellow student’s life! 

We are currently recruiting new peer helpers for the 2018 winter term. All students currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree offered through the Lassonde School of Engineering are encouraged to apply!

>>Apply to be a Peer Helper here.