Professional Development Subsidy


Professional Development Subsidy


Applications for funding could be submitted by Lassonde Students, Lassonde Student Government, recognized Lassonde affiliated student groups/clubs, or Lassonde students. The approval of an application for funding depends upon the availability of the fund and the established priority in relation to other requests. Please note that the funding from Lassonde may only partially cover the amount requested.

Please ensure to provide adequate detail regarding the professional development opportunity such as cost of the registration, accommodation, type and cost of transportation, all personal costs, and any other funding that you may be receiving. A funding application is required for pre-approval especially if your participation is contingent on the funding from the Lassonde School of Engineering.  Submit and attach all original receipts (e.g. boarding passes, tickets) as soon as the activity has occurred. This should be within two weeks from the date of the activity. You will only be reimbursed after the professional development opportunity has occurred and you have submitted all documents listed. 

 What we DO fund:

  • Travel costs (Ontario and depending on funding outside of Ontario)

  • Accommodation costs

  • Conference registration fees

  • Competition fees

 What we DO NOT fund:

  • Requests with an incomplete or otherwise unsatisfactory application

  • Requests to support technical or non-technical supplies

  • Food

  • Activities that could otherwise be funded through our other programs will not be considered for professional development funding.

  • Requests from organizations which are not affiliated clubs/individuals

  • Requests which contain numerous questionable expenses such as excessive food, excessive travel or accommodation costs, alcohol, luxury items, or items restricted by Lassonde/York University policy

 Conditions for Successful Applicants

At the end of the term, all successful applicants are required to submit a summary statement describing the impact of the funding and the outcomes of their professional development activities. In addition, you may be required to report on some or all of the descriptions you have provided on this form. Please keep a copy for your reference.

All promotional and/or marketing materials should recognize the support of Lassonde School of Engineering.

Documents Required (Pre-Approval)

  1. Application form

  2. Letter explaining purpose and use of funding. How you will benefit and how the Lassonde community may benefit from your experience.

  3. Include any supporting letters from Faculty members

  4. Attach your estimated/actual budget for the conference with detailed notes for anything relevant to this application.

Section 4. You should provide the Funding Committee a better perspective of your finances. It should include detailed notes and as much information as possible to aid the funding committee in their evaluation. Be specific and precise to avoid any discrepancies. For example, if you have a substantial expense for a conference, clearly state the breakdown and any relevant information. Include other sources of funding (e.g. other funding applications, fundraising events) too.

 Documents Required (Post-Approval)

  1. Copy of approval letter from the Funding Committee.

  2. One page report summarzing your conference.

  3. Claim Reimbursement Form to be completed.

  4. Attach the budget for the event with all original expense receipts.

  5. Any additional documents (e.g. endorsements, other secured funding).

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

If you have any questions please contact