Save the date: Industry/Academia/Government Funders Networking Event

Date: Nov 13, 2018
Time: 8.30 am - 12.30 pm
Venue: New Student Centre, Convention Centre

This year there will be opportunities for researchers to showcase their research with posters or to be present at a Lassonde table. Please contact Christina Corre ( ASAP if you are interested in participating.

Please Register at


Over 250 people are now registered for this event. Registered companies cover a number of areas:


IT/EECS/Math & Stats

  • AI/ML/NLP, parallel processing, data analytics, blockchain, IoT, AR/VR, Hadoop, smart home, analyze real-time video, sentiment analysis,


Engineering & Environmental Studies

  • clean tech, power management, heat flow/transfer, robotics, autonomous driving, additive manufacturing, metal 3D printing, wearables, smart cities, sustainable infrastructure development, quality and inspection innovation, innovative specialized tooling, traffic management, modern office, climate change, recycled oils & lubricants, solar storage, automated folding operation, communications, polymers, waste fluids, medical devices, power transformers, neural interfaces, smart home, transportation planning, refining waste glass, processing equipment automation, thermal storage, district cooling, smart sensors,



  • drug discovery screening, bioanalysis, aging, laughter, brain trauma, diabetes, life sciences, cancer detection, neural interfaces, transdermal delivery,



  • medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis, molecular modeling/computational chemistry, bioinformatics, customized plant lighting, agritech,



  • Ethics, leadership, founder traits, Fintech, mobile engagement



  • Training, early childhood education, k-12 education, skills gap bridging


Disaster Management

  • Crisis prevention / response


  • Building careers in the arts, economic and social impact of the arts