Space Engineering, BEng

Unique in Canada, our Space Engineering program prepares graduates for exceptional careers in space or related high-technology sectors. As a Space Engineering student at Lassonde, you will develop skills in the design, production and management of complex hardware and software systems for the space environment. As a future space engineer, you may develop new technologies such as formation flying for the next generation of spacecraft, take on the management of space programs for industry or governmental agency or be responsible for the manufacture and test of advanced space products.

Accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board, the Space Engineering program at the Lassonde School of Engineering is unique in Canada offering students a multidisciplinary education in the design, manufacture, integration and management of the hardware and data systems to develop a successful space mission, or to apply in a whole range of projects across technological and software sectors.

Space engineers at Lassonde have the opportunity to gain practical experience with hands-on training in space technology and spacecraft tracking at the Algonquin Radio Observatory in Northern Ontario. Our faculty at Lassonde have been involved with many Canadian and international space missions, including the Phoenix Mars Lander, Scisat-1 measuring constituents of the earth’s atmosphere, the WINDII instrument on NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, the OSIRIS instrument on Sweden’s Odin satellite and the Argus mini-spectrometer measuring atmospheric CO2 from a nanosatellite.