Start/Renew club

Starting a new club/Renewing your club

Starting a new club is a start of a new chapter here at Lassonde. There are often clubs that share a similar path that are already well structured and developed and can instead work together to establish a stronger presence in the community.

Before you start a new club, please consider the following questions:

  • Is there an existing club that has similar interests?
  • What are the clubs goals and objectives? What is the purpose of the club?
  • How many students will you be able to recruit? What steps are you planning to take to ensure a long term existence of the club?
  • Who else are interested in the club? Do you have a retention plan? For a club to be successful, you must have others who are interested in the club’s vision for a greater impact in the community. You will need 20 Lassonde students to sign up for your club’s purpose.
  • Who is your club Advisor? A club’s advisor is a faculty or staff that believes in your vision and supports you with their expertise. You will need to identify and request the help of the advisor ahead of time to help with the planning of the club’s objectives and goals.
  • Have you talked to the Student Engagement Team? You will need the approval of the office of Assistant Dean of Students to ratify your club with Lassonde. It is essential to keep the Student Life Coordinator updated with big changes within the club.
  • Have you created your club constitution? Sample constitutions are available on the YFS and YUConnect sites.

All Lassonde student clubs must be registered/ratified with YFS and SCLD. This applies to those who are renewing. Application link: <>

For SCLD, please go to All clubs who want to register with SCLD must attend a clubs 101 session. Please check their events page to see when the next session is available.

For YFS, please go to Deadline for ratification is September 30, 2019

For Lassonde, please complete the Registration form. Deadline to register is September 21, 2019

Student Rights and Responsibilities

As Lassonde student leaders, you must have a solid understanding of your rights and responsibilities. We want to ensure that all your interactions with faculty, staff and students are fair and respectful. The standards are outlined in the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities: