The Undergraduate Summer Student Research Conference

When: August 15, 2017 
Time: It will be a full day event
Where: Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence
Great news! Lassonde is once again hosting the now-annual Undergraduate Summer Student Research Conference. This year is going to be an exciting one, with project ranging from all areas of science like Unmanned Arial Vehicles, and implantable microelectronic chips. 40 Students from Lassonde and other faculties have been working hard on their respective projects and are now proud to showcase their findings at the Research Conference.  To read more about the projects click here.
If you are a student (open to all undergraduate students and not limited to USRA or LURA students) and are interested in participating in this year’s conference, please submit your application and bio by clicking here.
For more details on the conference visit: 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Christina at