USRA/LURA project descriptions

It is not too late to post LURA and USRA projects: submit your project description here

  • Note that it is not obligatory to post a project description - you can find students to endorse on your own
  • Once you have selected which student(s) to endorse, please fill out and sign the Supervisor Endorsment Form USRA LURA 2019 - fillable.pdf. The students need to upload this form with their application.
  • We have implemented two deadlines this year:

February 7 - deadline for professors to select which student to endorse (this will ensure that you have met all candidates before making a decision and it will also provide sufficent amount of time for he student to prepare the application)

February 14 - deadline for students to submit their application via FluidReview.


Award details:

The Research Support Team at Lassonde administrates two awards relevant to undergraduate summer projects (16 weeks full time, research projects only):

  1. NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award (USRA - for DG holders only)
  2. Lassonde Undergraduate Research Award (LURA)

Please note we are working to confirm the funding model for 2019 but last year the model included a contribution from researcher in the range of $1,125 (for USRA) to $3,000 (for LURA).

If you have any questions, please contact either Paulina or Christina.