York Research Chair in Planetary Science



Professor Mike Daly was awarded a Tier 2 York Research Chair in Planetary Science in recognition of his outstanding contribution to space-flight instrumentation research at York.

The York Research Chair will enable Daly’s participation in NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission to the near-Earth asteroid Bennu and the return of Canada’s first sample of material from another solar system.


About Mike Daly

Mike Daly is Associate Professor of Space Science in the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering, Lassonde School of Engineering. He also leads the Planetary Exploration Instrumentation Laboratory (pil.esse.yorku.caat York University which undertakes research into instrumentation and instrumentation techniques for future missions to the planets, moons and asteroids

About York Research Chairs

The York Research Chairs program is envisioned as an internal twin for the national Canada Research Chairs (CRC) program. The level of support and recognition provided to York Research Chairs is expected to be aligned with supports and recognition provided through the CRC program. York Research Chairs are available at two levels analogous to CRC chairs. Tier I York Research Chairs are open to established research leaders at the rank of Full Professor. Tier II York Research Chairs are aimed at emerging research leaders within 15 years of their first academic appointment at the rank of Associate or Assistant Professor. Both have five-year terms that are renewable in the context of open-competition based on peer review and the continuing availability of resources.