A-Z of Lassonde



We are currently beta testing a new method of admissions where we judge we select students based on their whole character – not just their grades.
Our brand new home – the Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence – officially opens in spring 2016.
We’ve created a flexible co-op program offering placements at major corporations, non-profits and start ups.
Student design projects are embedded into every stage of the undergraduate experience at Lassonde, from first year onwards.
Lassonde students enrolled in the Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science & Technology (BEST) program learn what it takes to launch their own start up venture.
Flipping the classroom
We are flipping the classroom so students watch more lectures online anywhere, anytime and come to class to solve problems together.
Graduate programs
Alongside our 11 undergraduate programs we offer graduate studies in Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Earth & Space Science and Mechanical Engineering.
Hands-on learning
An ancient proverb reminds us: “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Let me do it, and I understand”. At Lassonde our students learn by doing, not just from the textbook – with rapid prototyping sessions, design thinking workshops and 3D printers on hand in the maker space.
Lassonde has developed partnerships with a number of world-class universities in India for student exchanges and research collaboration. We’ve also partnered with academic institutions in China, Israel, South Korea, France and Germany.
We’re preparing highly-employable graduates for the global market for talent with co-op placements, mentoring from alumni, networking opportunities and professional courses in commercialization, intellectual property, marketing and project leadership.
The School’s Founding Dean is internationally-trained leader and Renaissance Engineer Janusz Kozinski.
The collective name we give to everyone at our School whether they are a student, a professor, a researcher, staff member, or part of the leadership team.
We believe every student should have a mentor. Lassonde’s mentoring program connects students with professors, senior leaders and alumni to give them informal advice and a support during their university career and beyond.
The Lassonde School of Engineering only accepted its first students in 2013. 
Osgoode Hall Law School (and Schulich School of Business)
Our Renaissance curriculum is delivered in partnerships with academic experts and practitioners from our sister faculties Osgoode Hall Law School and the Schulich School of Business – both world-class professional schools which share the same campus.
Passion (and Perspective)
The world needs engineers with passion and perspective to solve our greatest challenges. At Lassonde, we call them Renaissance Engineers.
At Lassonde it’s not the questions that have the right answers that are important, it’s the questions that don’t have an answer that interest us most.
Means a rebirth or revival of an activity or interest in something, especially art, literature, or music (or in our case engineering!)
“Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler” – a defense of art and knowledge – of lightness, completeness and accuracy – attributed to Albert Einstein.
Tinker Truck
We’ve replaced the traditional high school visits with what we call a Tinker Truck. It’s a cargo container full of 3D printers, soldering irons and circuit boards – to introduce prospective Lassondians to what our School is really about: building and making things, not just equations and problem sets.
Our community of friends, supporters and alumni members is known as LassondeUnited.
Our vision to be the home of the Renaissance Engineer is set out in Lassonde’s Declaration of Principles.
We’ve launched the Lassonde 50:50 Challenge to become the first engineering school in Canada to achieve a 50:50 gender balance.
That’s the name of Lassonde’s news bulletin for students, staff, faculty, friends and alumni.
We are part of York University, Canada’s second largest university, that’s home to globally-renowned faculties including the Schulich School of Business and Osgoode Hall Law School.
Zero lecture halls
Our new $115-million home, the Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence, isn’t your typical engineering school with 5 floors, 18 teaching labs, 8 active learning labs, and 0 lecture halls.