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The Program Assessment Group on Evaluation and Systems (PAGES) is a subcommittee of the Lassonde Faculty Council Learning, Curriculum and Students (LCS) Committee. PAGES is responsible for providing strategic leadership, direction and recommendations to LCS as they relate to curricula and quality improvement within a context of compliance through accreditation and quality assurance reviews.

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Meeting Dates 2022-23

PAGES meetings take place on Wednesdays from 9:30 – 11:00 am (typically the second Wednesday of the month).

September 14, 2022

October 12, 2022

November 9, 2022

December 14, 2022

January 11, 2023

February 8, 2023

March 8, 2023

April 12, 2023

May 10, 2023

June 14, 2023

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Full Terms of Reference

The Program Assessment Group on Evaluation and Systems (PAGES) is a subcommittee of the Lassonde Faculty Council Learning, Curriculum and Students (LCS) Committee. PAGES is responsible for providing strategic leadership, direction and recommendations to LCS as they relate to curricula and quality improvement within a context of compliance through accreditation and quality assurance reviews.
The Committee shall be responsible for formulating policy and making recommendations to LCS on matters relating to compliance and will:

2.1. Oversee, implement and advise on processes, protocols and recommendations related to Quality Assurance Reviews (undergraduate and graduate programs) and Accreditation Reviews (e.g., CEAB, CIPS, CBEPS).

2.2. Oversee, design and implement a common continual program improvement framework across all Lassonde programs while ensuring all programs meet compliance requirements set out in Accreditation and Quality Assurance requirements.

2.3. Design, create strategies, plans, processes and forms for assessing Continuous Program Improvement (CPI) frameworks, degree expectations, graduate attributes and program learning outcomes.

2.3.1. Make recommendations to LCS on the necessary system and learning analytics necessary to implement CPI.
The Lassonde School of Engineering is committed to creating a community where students, faculty and staff feel welcome and valued, and a place and space for people to thrive in their various endeavours. This means creating policies, procedures, programs, events, and other interventions that work to eliminate barriers, and to establish and sustain the conditions that enable everyone to fully participate in our community. To reach this goal, the committee will support Lassonde’s learning journey to:
• Create a diverse, inclusive integrated teaching, learning and research environment.
• Empower diverse internal and external communities to organically grow by optimizing existing spaces and creating new ones with a culturally inclusive lens.
• Prioritize equitable outcomes by adopting a values-driven integrated approach to research, teaching & learning and operations.
• Cultivate an inclusive interdisciplinary community that brings the diverse perspectives required to envision and devise engineering and science solutions that address environmental, economic and social problems.
4.1 Membership
The membership of PAGES shall be as follows:
Title# of Members# of Votes
Ex Officio Membership
All Undergraduate Program Directors77
All Graduate Attribute Leads44
Director of Common Engineering & BSc Science11
Vice Dean (Chair)11
2 Students (1 Undergraduate, 1 Graduate)22
1 Alumnus/Alumna11
2 Faculty members (1 Engineering and 1 Science22
Secretary to Committee (non-voting)10

4.2 Period of Appointments
Ex-Officio Members:
• Ex-Officio members shall hold their position for the duration of their appointment in that role.
Faculty Members:
• Faculty members will be elected at-large for a two-year rolling cycle. Each year, one-half of the membership turns over and will be replaced on a rotational basis by other faculty members.
• The undergraduate and graduate students elected and/or appointed as members will serve for one-year, renewable.
• The Alumni will serve for one-year, renewable

4.3 Elections/Nominations
• The Vice-Chair of the Committee is selected by the voting members of the Committee for a one-year term
• Student vacancies are filled via a centralized process which will be managed by the Executive Committee. The election process is conducted by the respective student bodies of the Lassonde undergraduate student government and Lassonde graduate student associations.
Faculty Members:
• Engineering and Science faculty members at large shall be elected through the process managed by the Executive Committee of Council and will include a call for nominees to committees.
• The Chair shall solicit nominations for the Alumni position with recommendations from the departments/advisory boards.

4.4 Representation by Proxy
• Provisions have been made for elected and ex-officio members to designate a substitute.
• Designates will have the same voting rights as members in absentia.

4.5 Resignation/Dismissal of Members
• Should an elected member resign from the committee, the Chair will endeavour to find a replacement. In the event a replacement cannot be found, a call will go out from the Executive Committee to solicit a replacement from Faculty Council.
• Any member may be dismissed for any of the following reasons: 1) missing three (3) consecutive meetings (except in cases of illness or other weighty grounds); and/or 2) for other cause for which the committee finds to be just.
5.1 Meetings and Protocols
• Committee meetings may be held completely virtually via videoconference (Zoom) or in a hybrid/Hyflex (in-person + simultaneous videoconference) format.Meetings are open to members of the Lassonde community, subject to the availability of space
• When the committee considers matters relating to specific individuals or to other matters where confidentiality must be observed, the committee may, in the notice for a meeting, declare part of a meeting to be closed or in camera.
• When the committee meets in camera, only committee members may be present.
• PAGES has adopted “York University Rules of Senate” to guide and inform its governance structure and operations.
• This committee shall make its decisions based on a simple majority of those members present and voting at a duly constituted meeting
• Committee members will notify the Chair/Secretary if they will be absent from a meeting.

5.2 Chair & Vice-Chair
• The Chair of PAGES is responsible for providing leadership to the committee in pursuit of its mandate. The Chair presides at all committee meetings, acts as the official spokesperson for the committee, and ensures that the committee operates in conformity with the rules enacted by Faculty Council and Senate.
• In the case of the absence or illness of the Chair and the Vice-Chair, the committee may appoint one of the members of the committee to act as Chair pro tempore and for such period the member so appointed shall act as, and have all the powers of, the Chair.

5.3 Quorum
• Per Senate rules, the quorum shall consist of a majority of voting members.

5.4 Timing and Frequency of Meetings
• PAGES meetings take place on Wednesdays from 9.30 – 11.00 am, typically on the first Wednesday of the month.
• The committee may conduct additional meetings as warranted by committee business.

5.5 Standing Orders
• The conduct of the business of the meeting shall be subject to the “York University Rules of Senate”

5.6 Agenda, Administration, and Minutes
• PAGES shall be supported by the Secretary to the Committee.Lassonde Faculty Council Program Assessment Group on Evaluation and Systems (PAGES)
• All records of the meetings, including the minutes, shall be retained in accordance with the Common Records Schedule (CRS) for Faculty Councils (ADG15) and Faculty Council Committees (ADG17) under York University’s Information, Privacy and Copyright Office.
• The Committee Administrator shall be responsible for ensuring correspondence and decisions made by the Committee are available to relevant people or bodies, including the membership of sub-committees and secretaries of relevant Faculty Councils.

5.7 Voting
• All members of the committee are voting members unless specifically indicated otherwise. Ex-officio and elected/appointed members have the same voting rights.
• Votes may be cast in person or by e-vote
o Pursuant to the discretion of the Chair, members may be permitted to vote by means of an electronic communication (e-vote) which enables the votes to be gathered in a manner that permits their subsequent verification
PAGES will submit an annual report to LCS and provide other business to LCS as it arises
Version Number: Program Assessment Group on Evaluation and Systems (PAGES) V.2.0

Approved by: Faculty Council

Date: October 2022

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2022-23 Committee Members