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The Lassonde School of Engineering launched an EDI Sub-Committee with the aim of creating a community where students, faculty, and staff from all walks of life feel welcome and valued. The committee is formed from a diverse group of faculty members, staff and students to ensure that underrepresented groups have a voice in the creation of policies, procedures, and programs to promote inclusivity.

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Visit the EDI Sub-Committee webpage on the Lassonde Faculty Council site for a copy of the EDI Mandate and Terms of Reference document: http://faculty-council.apps01.yorku.ca/equity-diversity-inclusion-edi-sub-committee/

EDI Sub-Committee Support Team

2020-2022 EDI Sub-Committee Priorities

  1. Create EDI Champions in all Faculty Council Committees
  2. Develop a Lassonde online portal for EDI resources, EDI training and educational opportunities for faculty, staff and students and track impacts and updates
  3. Maintain an EDI guide for Researchers
  4. Enhance and improve EDI hiring practices and language in all search and hiring materials
  5. Create and maintain, on an annual basis, an up-to-date inventory of current diversity, equity, and inclusion related policies, plans and initiatives throughout the School and, to the extent practicable, across the institution and at comparator institutions/Schools of Engineering & Science.
  6. EDI Benchmarking: Create a mechanism to collect, track and benchmark EDI related qualitative and quantitative data, and report out the findings on an annual basis
  7. Launch evaluations of  EDI Seed Funding applications