Lassonde held its inaugural BEST Startup Experience at York University

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The BEST Startup Experience is considered Canada’s largest startup experience for high school and post-secondary students. Students learn about entrepreneurship, venture creation within the “design thinking” structure of the experience.

This approach believes in focusing on and defining problems completely, generating multiple potential solutions before identifying the best method.

This immersive experience helps students learn more about themselves while tackling societal issues such as sustainability and health.

Congratulations to all the winners (listed below)!

  • 1st Place: Happify (Reem Aleithan, jaleel sayal, Paul C. Owe, Caleb Kim)
  • 2nd Place: VERT (Allen K., Kourosh Toghrol, Denis Karasik, Christian Augustyn)
  • 3rd Place: (Pragieth Suresh, Annika Fotr, Ishan Chenthooran, Aarnav Sachidanandan, Nikita Lezgishvili)
  • People's Choice Award: "Team Juice"

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, community partners, speakers, mentors & volunteers for making this initiative possible.

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