A New Control Course Offered at Lassonde

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LE/ENG 4650 3.00 Feedback Control Systems

Starting the Winter 2020 semester, the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering will offer a new advanced control system design course in addition to the already existing introductory control course: ENG 4550 - Introduction to Control Systems.

Control theory deals with the modification of a dynamical system to achieve a desired goal. This course covers the processes needed, such as modeling a control system, designing an appropriate objective, finding the optimal control and testing the performance and robustness of the controlled system, to achieve the anticipated output. These applications will be addressed within a world-class control system laboratory setting.

LE/ENG 4650 is cross-listed with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (as MATH 4650) so the class demographic will consist of both math and engineering students.

Knowledge of complex analysis, ordinary differential equations and linear algebra is needed. Knowledge of MATLAB is an asset.

This course will also be offered as graduate course, GS/ESS 5650 and GS/MATH 6655.

Lecture Time/Location: Tuesday and Thursday 16:00-17:30, BRG213

Lab Time/Location: Monday 14:30-17:30, BRG429

Instructor: Dr. Ryan Orszulik, Space Engineering, Lassonde

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