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Community Programming Funding Policy

Community Programming funding is available for Lassonde affiliated student Clubs and Organizations. A student group can seek funding for up to three (3) social events from May to April in a given year. All funding requests will be granted based on the availability of funds and established priority. Funding is provided as a reimbursement to your club after your event has occured and your club has submitted all required Post Event documents and expense receipts as noted below.  

Priorities for the Community Programming Fund will be:

  • Activities or projects to enhance the Lassonde student experience through: social, cultural, recreational, educational and/or sustainability means.

  • Activities or events that benefit Lassonde School of Engineering students through collaborative partnerships.

  • Activities or events supporting new students’ transition to the school, with a priority placed on the first 4-6 weeks of each semester.

To apply, you must submit a funding application for PRE-APPROVAL – especially if your participation is contingent on the funding from the Lassonde School of Engineering.  Funding requests should be submitted at least 4-6 weeks prior to the event/activity.

Your post-event documents should be submitted within two weeks after your event date.

It is the responsibilty of the applicant/club to follow up on any funding requests to ensure timely reimbursement to your club. 

Before submitting a funding application please carefully read through the Community Programming Funding Policy below.

What we DO fund:

  • Event Space and technical fees

  • Supplies & Decorations 

  • Appropriate Entertainment (e.g. guest speaker) – description of the entertainment must be included in your application

  • Moderate hospitality fees (reasonable amounts of food and drink to be ordered through approved YU vendors)


 What we DO NOT fund:

  • Requests for the purpose of making direct donations (e.g. taking the money received and donating it in another form such as food or clothing).

  • Requests from organizations whose operations do not appear sustainable (e.g. if the club’s expenses consistently exceed its revenue).

  • Requests with an incomplete or otherwise unsatisfactory application.

  • Requests from organizations which are not Lassonde affiliated clubs or registered with Student Community & Leadership Development.

  • Activities that could otherwise be funded through our other programs will not be considered for Community Programming funding.

  • Requests which contain questionable expenses such as excessive food, club clothing.

  • Staffing costs, alcohol, luxury items, or items restricted by Lassonde/York University policy.


 Required Documents (Pre-Approval )

  1. Community Programming Application Form 

  2. Letter explaining purpose and use of funding

  3. Attach your organization’s budget for this event with detailed notes for anything relevant to this application.

  4. Any additional supporting documents (e.g. entertainment description, estimates from vendors).

Section 3. The applicant should provide the Funding Committee with a clear breakdown of your club/organization’s financial planning for this event with details about each expense. Be specific and precise to avoid any discrepancies. If you are requesting substanially more funding for your event this year compared to previous years, explain what factors contribute to this projected increase in expenses. Include other sources of funding expected to also support your event (Ex. other funding applications, fundraising revenue, sponsorship etc.) 

Required Documents (Upon approval of funding request)

  1. A signed copy of your club’s approval letter from the Funding Committee.

Required Documents (Post-Event: Within 2 weeks from your event date)

  1. Event Summary Statement outlining the impact and successes of your event.

  2. A final budget for the event outlining all actual costs with all original expense receipts attached. 

  3. Any additional documents (e.g. endorsements, other secured funding).

  4. Complete a Claim for Reimbursement through Concur. For instructions, email ask@lassonde.yorku.ca or visit our Virtual Front Desk. 

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

If you have any questions please contact ask@lassonde.yorku.ca or visit our Virtual Front Desk via Zoom  https://yorku.zoom.us/j/7728587598 
Virtual Front Desk Hours: Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 4:00pm