Full Stacks Sharing Library




The idea of community book exchanges was popularised in Wisconsin in 2009, with the ‘Little Free Library’ movement.

The Lassonde sharing library, Full Stacks, lets Lassonde students take and drop off books on the shelf.

There is only one rule: take a book, leave a book. 


Where is the bookshelf located?

The Full Stacks bookshelf is located on the main floor of the Bergeron Centre just outside room 125.

What type of books should I leave?

You can leave any books you want. However, please refrain from using Full Stacks as a donation bin for your unwanted books.

Leave books that you enjoyed yourself and that you think others would enjoy. Try and avoid leaving heavily damaged or marked up books.

Who is this for?

The entire Lassonde community. Any students, faculty or staff, or anyone else involved with Lassonde is welcome to participate in the Full Stacks exchange.

Can I leave textbooks?

As much as everyone enjoys flipping through required course works, try to avoid leaving textbooks.

There are many other ways in which to barter, exchange and sell textbooks to fellow students. 

How many books can I take at a time?

Try to limit it to taking one book and leaving one book. That way, there is always plenty of variety and selection for everyone.

After you've finished a book you borrowed, please return it back to the library!

What does the name mean?

The term 'Full Stack' refers to developers who are comfortable working with both back-end and front-end technologies, specifically in terms of databases. It's a pun.