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iBSc and iBA
The department has a strong interest and involvement in promoting opportunities for students to study abroad. The iBSc and iBA degree programs are structured as honours computer science programs that contain a compulsory exchange placement abroad of at least one full term of study. The iBSc degree program requires 30 credits outside the major, consisting of 12 to 18 credits in a language chosen by the student, and another 12 to 18 credits that focus on a country or region that is compatible with the student’s chosen language and/or consistent with an international issue that is of interest to the student. The iBA also requires 30 credits like the iBSc above, but the language component is set to exactly 18 credits in this degree. Students would normally enrol in language courses relevant to their exchange placement. For more information, please click here.
Since 2003 the Department has maintained a successful International Summer School program, mounting courses in partnership with departments in Germany, Greece and Poland. 
The International Dual Degree BSc Specialised Honours Program  

This is our newest international program, which started in the fall 2011:  

  • An international program of study at York University, the Hochschule Bonn- Rhein-Sieg (BRSU) and the University of Crete (UoC) that equips the graduate with professional credentials in North America and in Europe.
  • Two degrees obtained within four years of study: The York University BSc Specialised Honours degree in Computer Science and the BRSU Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.
  • The program includes a 1-year long study in Europe, divided between BRSU and UoC.   

In collaboration with the Departments of Computer Science in the Hochschule Bonn- Rhein-Sieg  (BRSU) and the University of Crete (UoC), the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science offers an International Dual Degree Program in Computer Science (BSc and Specialised Honours BSc). This limited-space program will be of interest to students with high academic standing as measured by a cumulative GPA of 6.00 or higher over all computer science (CSE) courses completed (“major gpa”) by the time that students have completed approximately a total of 60 credits at York University (typically achieved at the end of the second year of study). 

Students in the program, after two years of study at York but before the completion of the York degree requirements, will be eligible, subject to the aforementioned GPA requirement, to continue their studies as York international exchange students in the European Union (EU) for a full year of study. This exchange placement will be divided between BRSU in the Fall term and UoC in the Winter term. At UoC, the students will complete a mandatory research internship component and an undergraduate thesis, and may, optionally, also take specialised computer science courses. 

The thesis and internship activities will both be conducted in English.

Study at two universities in distinct geographic and linguistic/cultural settings adds value to the exchange and broadens the learning experience. The program of study is precisely regulated as dictated by the need to meet both the degree requirements of York University and BRSU. At the end of year three (the exchange year), students who have progressed normally will have met both the BRSU Bachelor of Science in Informatik (equivalent to York’s BSc Bachelor 90-credit degree) requirements as well as those of the BSc Bachelor in Computer Science (York), and may graduate with both of these degrees from the respective institutions.  York students will return and complete a 4th year of study at York University to fulfil their BSc Specialised Honours degree requirements and thus also graduate with the York University Honours degree. York International administers all exchanges under this program in collaboration with the International Offices in BRSU and UoC.  

Reciprocally, BRSU students will spend a full year of study at York to conclude their 3rd year BRSU requirements taking York University degree-specific substitute courses. Upon successful completion of year three, these students would have met both the BRSU and York degree requirements, and would be eligible to earn the York BSc Bachelor degree in Computer Science (as well as the Bachelor of Science in Informatik from their home university).

All BRSU students in this Dual Degree Program must satisfy a modified general education requirement in lieu of the general education requirements of the Lassonde School of Engineering, as follows: They must complete at BRSU, normally prior to arrival at York, 18 ECTS (the equivalent of 9 York credits) of courses in English, Microeconomics, Intercultural Communications, and Law.  

Reciprocally, all York students in this Dual Degree Program must satisfy a modified general education requirement in lieu of the current general education requirements of the Lassonde School of Engineering, as follows: They must complete at York University 6 further non-science credits in addition to 12 credits in language and culture courses.