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Navigating the Pebble+ Interface

Pebble+ Home

After your first login, your Pebble+ homepage may appear relatively sparse. As you interact with the platform over time, your homepage will become populated with your work. Each tile on the homepage links to a different Pebble+ feature, serving as a central navigation point for tools and resources.

Annotated Pebble Home Page
Pebble+ Home
  1. The Profile tile allows you to add a photo to your account. Simply hover on the image icon and your image assets store will open on the right. You can also upload a new image from your computer. You can access your Assets or Resources from this block by clicking on the links under Store.
  2. The You last worked on section displays your most recently saved item. To view a full list of recently accessed items, click “View your history.”
  3. The Get Creative section provides access to create new presentation Assets. Click to access Asset builders for Portfolios, Pages, Blogs, Activity Logs, and Collections.
  4. Start working on… allows you to access resources made available by your instructors (custom resources) or assets you’ve already started working on (view your assets).
  5. The Favourites section offers quick access to important resources and assets. You can favourite items from your Asset, Resource, or External stores. The most recently modified items will appear on the Pebble+ homepage in the Favorites tile.
  6. The Activity section leads to a timeline of important information and tasks, such as shares you’ve received, comments or feedback on your work, and upcoming deadlines.
  7. The Learning Centre contains short videos introducing key features and tools of Pebble+, as well as detailed written guides on commonly performed activities.

Pebble+ Navigation Toolbar

Annotated Pebble+ Navigation Bar
Pebble+ Navigation Toolbar

The navigation toolbar is always visible in Pebble+ and provides access to these features:

  1. Burger Menu – Opens a side menu with links to: Asset Store, Resource Store, External Resources, Upload a File, Templates and Workbooks, and creation tools for Portfolios and Pages.
  2. PebblePad Logo – Returns you to the Pebble+ or ATLAS home page, depending on your current location.
  3. PebblePad Icon – Takes you to the Pebble+ home page and indicates whether you’re in Pebble+.
  4. Atlas Icon – Takes you to the ATLAS home page and indicates whether you’re in ATLAS.
  5. User Settings – Manage your account settings, language preferences, and notification options.
  6. Search – Opens a sidebar search tool for assets, resources, and files.
  7. Recent Items – Displays a list of recently accessed items for quick access.
  8. Log Out – Securely ends your PebblePad session.