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Echo360 and eClass (Moodle)

Echo360 has been integrated with eClass for Lassonde courses through EchoVideo’s Moodle Integration. This integration makes various Echo360 activities and content accessible from eClass.

Accessing Echo360 from eClass

As a Lassonde instructor, to access Echo360 from eClass, look for an activity labelled “Echo360 Lecture Capture Videos.” Clicking this activity will redirect you to your course’s Echo360 page.

For more on accessing Echo360, refer to this article: Accessing Echo360.

Posting Echo360 Media to eClass

Echo360 content can be embedded into your Moodle course through the Echo360 Embed Media dialogue box. You can access the Embed Media dialog box from any content window where Moodle provides the Echo360 embed button (Pages, Discussions, Assignments, etc.).

  • Echo360: Embedding Media into Moodle – Step-by-step instructions to embed specific media from Echo360 directly into your eClass course. Includes screenshots and explains how to choose the appropriate embed options.
  • Echo360: Posting a Link to Media: Instructions for posting a link to Echo360 media in eClass instead of embedding the media directly.

The Embed Media dialog box can be used to embed other Echo360 capabilities into eClass.

  • Echo360: Create a New Recording with Universal Capture to Embed in your LMS/VLE – Explains how to create new media using your local installation of Universal Capture and embed it into eClass in a single, streamlined process. By using the Echo360 Embed Media dialog box in Moodle, you can launch Universal Capture to record new media, which will then be automatically added to your Echo360 library and embedded into your chosen location in Moodle.
  • Echo360: Creating Playlists in your LMS/VLE: Provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a playlist in Echo360 and embed it directly into your Moodle course.

Moodle Assignments: Enabling and Submitting Echo360 Media

Moodle assignments can be configured to allow students to submit Echo360 media as responses.

Student Guides

You may share the following articles with your students for instructions on submitting assignments through eClass: