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Working with Slides and Presentations in Echo360

Echo360 lets you upload presentations to your library or directly to a class. See Echo360: Working with Slides and Presentations for an overview of adding, creating and editing presentations within Echo360.

Uploading Slides and Presentations

Slides and presentations in Echo360 can be created by uploading new slides or by adding existing slides from your library.

Enhancing Presentations

Adding Polls to Presentations

Polls can be inserted into slides to make your presentations interactive. For more on Polls and Interactive Media, refer to the following guide: Polls and Interactive Media in Echo360.

Editing a Presentation in Echo360

Editing presentations in Echo360 is limited to creating, editing, and deleting polling or media slides, adding slides from your library or an uploaded presentation, and rearranging slides. Other changes need to be made in your presentation software and synced to Echo360. See Echo360: Editing a Presentation for step-by-step instructions.