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How to Log into Zoom with Passport York

Accessing Zoom meetings for your classes and events at York, as well as hosting longer meetings for instructors and staff requires using your Passport York credentials on zoom. The following guide will explain how to log out of your existing Zoom account, and log in with Passport York.

Logging out of your existing Zoom account

  1. Navigate to the Zoom application on your device.
  2. Click the Profile icon on the application, for desktop this is the profile picture on the top right.
  3. On the drop down menu, click the “Sign Out” button at the bottom.

Logging into Zoom with Passport York

4. Once you have logged out of Zoom, you will see a log in page with the option to enter email and password, and below this other log in options.

5. Do not enter your email or password, instead click the SSO button, which has a key icon.

6. Once you click SSO, enter “yorku” in the text field. Then click the blue “Continue” button.

7. This will open a new tab in your internet browser, directly to the Passport York. Login with your Passport York credentials as normal, and authenticate with Duo 2FA if needed.

8. Once you have logged in to Passport York, then page will update to show a “Launch Zoom” button, and depending on your browser, it will provide an “Open Zoom” pop up menu. Click either option to open Zoom, you will now be logged in to your Zoom account with Passport York.


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