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Uploading Files to PebblePad

You may have files, such as videos, scanned certificates, or project presentation slides, that you would like to use in PebblePad to evidence skills or illustrate your portfolios. PebblePad allows you to upload these digital files as assets, which can then be accessed and managed through your Asset Store. From there, you can organize, edit, or use these assets in workbooks, pages, portfolios, or anywhere else within PebblePad.

Accessing the Upload Modal

You can access the upload file modal through:

  1. The Upload a file option in the Burger Menu
  2. The Upload file file button in the Asset Store
  3. When adding images to portfolios or changing profile pictures
  4. While adding evidence in workbooks or templates
Accessing the Upload Modal in Pebble+

Uploading Files

You can either drag and drop files onto the Drag a file here area or click Or choose a file... to browse and select files. Both single and multiple file uploads are supported.
After selecting files, you’ll see a preview (for images or videos) and file information. You can change or remove files before saving. For single file uploads, you can edit the file title. Tagging is available to help organize your uploads.

Uploading a file to the Asset Store

Important Considerations

  1. File size and account quota restrictions may apply. PebblePad will notify you if you exceed these limits.
  2. Video and audio files undergo transcoding for better compatibility across devices. This may result in files taking longer to appear along with a minor loss of quality.

Supported File Types

PebblePad supports a wide range of file types, including common formats for images, documents, archives, video, and audio. For maximum compatibility, it is recommended to use MP4 for video, MP3 for audio, and JPEG for images. For a complete list of supported file formats, refer to the PebblePad documentation.