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Working with Transcripts in Echo360

Transcripts are text versions of speech from video or audio media, allowing viewers to read along with the spoken words. They provide the text of what is being spoken on the screen, divided into small chunks that correspond to the video’s location. Transcripts show the entire transcription, highlighting the current entry, and are searchable within the player.

Transcripts for media created and uploaded by Lassonde instructors are generated by Echo360’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Service after the media has been posted to a class section.

Accessing the Transcript Editor

Editing Transcripts

Editing Transcripts Outside of Echo360

Managing and Downloading Transcripts

Deleting Transcripts from Media

Additional Transcription Features

Echo360 provides additional features for working with transcripts to support digital accessibility. Additional documentation is available for Instructors at Echo360: Transcripts.