Lassonde Information Technology

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Support as it should be

The students, staff, and faculty of Lassonde. We are here to solve all of your technical problems and with a smile. 🙂

How We Can Help

An exceptional experience

We’ve listed a couple of our services here ! Don’t see what you need or have further questions? Visit the IT helpdesk / Join the Zoom Room

Basic Computer support

  • We support Wifi and other basic Computer Issues
  • We assist with the download and installation of Software
  • Having Outlook issues? We are here to help
  • Need assistance with ZOOM? Look no further


Have an event planned? Need help setting up technical Equipment? Look no further!

Send us an email requesting the services you’ll be needing help with !

Loaning Equipment


  • Webcams, extension cable, video cables
Staff, Faculty, Grad students
  • T4i, Owl, Osmo pockets, Yeti mic
  • Adapters are under 1 week
  • Laptops – based on manager and with 24hr notice
Staff, Faculty, Clubs
  • Walky-talkies, 20 pack of power bars – within a 48-hr notice
  • Projector, mic, fender speakers 48 hr. notice


  • Any of the WSC (William Small) Labs
  • Berg (Bergeron) 008
  • Any of the labs in the Petrie building
  • Any of the labs in the Lassonde building

Supported buildings

  • Bergeron
  • Lassonde
  • Petrie
  • William Small Center (WSC)

Supported Classrooms

  • We assist with using classroom equipment in the Bergeron.
  • We set up the audio and projectors in the Bergeron cafeteria for your events.
  • We are available for training on how to use any of the classroom equipment.

Before Lassonde IT

Stressful, confusing and unproductive hours spent on issues

Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

With Lassonde IT

With simple and specialized support, we are here to solve your computing and infrastructure issues! Spend more time doing and less time worrying.

Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash