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Top Enrollment Questions… Answered!

Enrollment FAQs

Why wait when you can get the information you need now?

I am trying to enrol into EECS courses, but seats are full or reserved. What should I do?

Sections E and Z are primarily reserved for BEng students. All other sections are primarily reserved for BA and BSc students. Make sure you are trying to enrol into the correct section for your program.

BA and BSc students, try all sections. If you prefer a different section than the one you are currently enrolled in, you can continue to try adding the course via REM.

The EECS waiting list:

The EECS Department typically launches their waiting list process 2 to 3 weeks before the start of each term. If you haven’t enrolled into your EECS course(s) by that time, visit the EECS Department website and place your name on the waiting list.

Lassonde students will be e-mailed when additional details about the EECS waiting list are available (e.g., launch date, timelines, etc.).

I am trying to enrol into MATH courses, but seats are full or reserved. What should I do?

Continue trying to add the course(s) via REM. “Reserved” restrictions will lift on midnight September 9, 2020 for F term and Y term SC/MATH courses. The Math Department does not maintain a waiting list. 

I am trying to enrol into ENG 1101, 1102, PHYS 1800, 1801, ESSE 1012, and/or CHEM 1100, but seats are full or reserved.  What should I do?   1st year Engineering courses are reserved for 1st year Engineering students.  If you are an upper year Engineering student who needs to complete a 1st year Engineering course or an exited Engineering student who wishes to repeat a previously taken course, click here for the waiting list.   If repeating, your earlier attempt must be on your record with a letter grade. Dropped or withdrawn “W” courses do not count as an attempt.

I am trying to enrol into a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year ENG, MECH, CIVL or ESSE course, but it is full or reserved. What should I do?   Remember to try all sections, labs, tutorials. Typically, if you try all sections, labs, tutorials, you will notice you are able to enrol. If there is a more desired section, lab, tutorial, continue trying to add the course via REM until the start of the term in which the course is occurring.   If you are an exited Engineering student looking to repeat, contact the department offering the course specifically for assistance. A course can only be repeated if the earlier attempt is on your record with a letter grade and as long as the department confirms there is space available in the course.

I cannot seem to build a conflict-free timetable in the Visual Schedule Builder. What should I do?   Try “unpinning” any courses. If for personal reasons you are trying to take courses at specific times, continue trying to add the ideal sections, labs, tutorials via REM, but have a plan ready in the event you are unable to switch into your more desired section, lab, tutorial.   Special note: The course description for EECS 2011 3.00 incorrectly identifies MATH 1090 3.00 as a pre-requisite. This is an error. MATH 1090 3.00 is not a pre-requisite.   If you believe there is a conflict that is impossible to resolve, even when taking into account all sections, labs, tutorials, contact our Enrollment Coordinator, Daniella Primi.

I would like to take a course for General Education or elective credit, but seats are full or reserved. What should I do?

Contact the department offering the course. The York Atlas directory and York search bar on the Current Students website are great resources and will help you navigate to the contact information for specific departments across the University.

Does _________ course count towards the BSc non-science requirement? 
Refer to your official Academic Calendar, in particular the Faculty Rules section. The official criteria is posted there, including any restrictions. Your Degree Progress Report is also a very reliable resource.

Does _________ course count towards the BEng complementary studies requirement?
Refer to your official Academic Calendar, in particular the Faculty Rules section. The official criteria is posted there, including any restrictions.

We understand the Calendar can be confusing. We have pre-recorded Advising Webinars on the above topics to help explain further.

REM indicates I am blocked from enrolling due to an advising requirement. What does this mean?

One of 3 things:

  • You have not yet completed Required Advising (or you have, but the block has not been removed yet). Instructions, including the block removal schedule, are posted for you in the Lassonde Academic Advising Classroom Moodle.
  • You have a negative FW19 or SU20 academic decision which requires resolution. Connect with an Academic Advisor if you are unsure how to resolve your academic decision.
  • You recently reactivated and need to connect with an Academic Advisor before enrolling.

Will classes be online or in-person? How will the campus be operating in response to COVID-19?

The YU Better Together website is dedicated to keeping students informed on these fronts and more.

Tips from the Advising Team

Check your own pre-requisites and co-requisites. You are at risk of being de-enrolled (and being unprepared) if you enrol into a course without the pre-requisites and/or co-requisites satisfied.

You can’t be in two places at once, online or in-person. Build a conflict-free timetable for the Fall and Winter terms.

Become a Student Hub web expert. Our Student Hub website covers all things academic (e.g., GPA requirements per program, program checklists, webinars on popular topics like the general education requirements per program, petitions and honours waivers, and a growing FAQs section). Our website also covers all things student life (e.g., clubs and organizations, scholarships, awards, and bursaries, the Iron Ring ceremony, mental health resources, and much more).

Monitor the drop-in advising schedule. Our drop-in advising schedule does not change too often, but when it does, we will always update our website to reflect any changes. Our schedule is changing for the week of August 4 – 7, 2020 to reflect drop-in during the afternoon hours only, while we dedicated additional time to responding to your e-mails in the morning.

We also have an array of answers to other frequently asked advising and enrollment questions on our FAQs website.